Larisa Morris
I've been a graphic designer for almost 20 years. I first fell in love with graphics while taking a class in high school. My first school project was designing a business card which involved coming up with my own logo and then actually printing the cards on a printing press in class. After that I was hooked I have never looked back. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make a career of it. After high school I attended Platt college in San Diego, CA where I got my AA in multimedia. I was able to get my first design job before I even finished school. After graduation I worked for a bit but felt the urge for more. I then decided to go back to school to obtain my BA in multimedia at National University while still working full time. While going to school I changed jobs and when I graduated I found a job that was stable and helped me grow as a designer. I enjoy design challenges I face daily but when I'm not working I enjoy photography, drawing and creating art with my kids, watching true crime dramas and spending time with family. 
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